Good Day from Kayong…..!

Mahkota Hotel Kayong is a 3-star hotel, built by the seashore and facing the Indian Ocean. This 5400 square meters hotel has 2 storey with 56 rooms and suites, designed in contemporary architecture style and completed with essential facilities such as restaurant, bar, banquet hall with essential facilities such as restaurant, bar and banquet hall.

The hotel is 50 meters away from the coast and it also has magnificent view of Pulau Datok and easy access to Mount Palong National Park.

The hotel is perfect for your accommodation while on business purpose or holiday gateaway…


Jalan Irama Laut

Sukadanan- Kayong Utara

Kalimantan Barat

P: +62 534 7722777

F: +62 534 7722888